Denali National Park, Alaska: Lindblad Expeditions

Denali National Park

A Photographic Expedition Diary of Heiko and Gisela Spallek

After a week in Southeast Alaska among temperate rain forest, bears, beautiful wild flowers, humpbacks and orcas, we explored the wonders of Denali National Park.

Alaska's Denali National Park and Preserve covers six million acres, about the same size as Massachusetts or nearly three times the size of Yellow Stone National Park. Running through it are the icy peaks of the Alaska Range with Mount McKinley (or as the locals call the peak "Denali - The Great One") raising up to 20,000 feet. Next to the mountains, the land displays tundra, spruce forest, kettle ponds and wildflowers. Visitors may encounter bears, caribou, foxes, moose and much more.

We invite you to browse through these pages which show a few of our photographs taken on this trip.

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