Denali National Park, Alaska: Lindblad Expeditions

Denali: Day 3
Walk through the Tundra

Wednesday, July 18

We begin the day with another sensation: A moose gazing in Wonder Lake.

Another pond with Denali reflecting in the water. This is the most used post card motive of the park.

The bus drives us about 2 hours into the park. From there, our guide leads us into the tundra to explore the flora, search for wildlife and take in the views.

Dry liken. Doug puts it in his water bottle. 20 minutes later, the plant has taken in a lot of water.

A Red Fox with shedding fur.

Late June is the peak time for flowers in the park, more than a hundred species can be found throughout Denali.

The Elegant Paintbrush (compare with the Indian Paintbrush seen in Southeast Alaska)

The caribou came closer and closer. All the sudden it seemed surprised to find us a few yards away watching him.

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