Denali National Park, Alaska: Lindblad Expeditions

Denali: Day 5
Leaving Denali, Boarding the Alaska Railroad

Friday, July 20

Our time in Denali is almost up. We board the busses one last time to travel 90 miles back to the park entrance.

On our way, we see more bears and caribou.

Denali's grizzly bears have a huge disadvantage in comparison with their brothers and sisters in Southeast Alaska.
Whereas salmon is the main food in the Southeast, the Denali bears have to make a nutritious meal by plucking and eating berries. It may take 200,000 to 300,000 blueberries, soapberries, cranberries and crowberries per day to add enough body fat for the long hibernation period.

Another Red Fox.


We are seated in the Gold Leaf train with panoramic views from full-length dome windows.

Our trip ends in Anchorage. We spend a night at a hotel to return home on the next day.

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