We have mentored countless academics to help them advance their careers. Our support spans from advice for early career academics up to mock interviewing senior academics for executive roles in North America, Europe and Australia.
Due to our global connections, we are able to strategically introduce academics to matching research groups to explore collaborations.
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As member of various advisory boards in the health information technology arena and executive director roles for translational research endeavours, Professor Heiko Spallek brings more than a decade of strategic leadership experience to consulting. His advice has helped institutions to assess the big picture in order to make innovative decision in their local context.
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Professor Heiko Spallek speaks regularly at major research conferences on topics at the intersection of data science and health.
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App/Web design and development projects

We develop functional specifications for simple and complex Websites, corporate identity and corporate design (CICD), and perform competitor and usability analysis and testing.
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Multimedia projects

Over the past 20 years, we have specialised in the art of data visualisation to present complex data with a clear, persuading message. In addition, we offer design services for logos, graphics and animations as well as digital imaging services and video (post-)production.
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