Future Feature for EHRs?

During the ADEA 2017 meeting, Heiko had the chance to try out Google Glass V2 for data entry into a dental Electronic Health Record (simulating). If you have an idea for a feature you cannot live without, here is your chance to speak up: Contribute to the wish list of ideas for EHR improvement. Visit the Collaboration on Health IT Booth, 716 at ADEA 2017 and share your idea of a feature or function that would make an EHR one that you could not live without. The Collaboration will vote to select the most innovative idea for implementation into ICE Health System - and you will win a prize.

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Logo designed for Collaboration for Health IT

We are proud to have designed the logo for the Collaboration for Health IT for which Heiko is a volunteer consultant. The Collaboration is working to effect generational change in Electronic Health Records (EHR) software in order to advance progress in clinical care, research and education within the dental profession.

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