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Athena's Family


Athena never married. She raised Erichthonius, the son of Gaia and Hephaestus.

Athena's parents are Zeus, the King of the Gods and god of the sky, and Metis, a sea nymph. Zeus swallowed Metis when he discovered that she was pregnant, fearing she might give birth to a strong, powerful son.
Athena was born fully grown and dressed in full armor from Zeus's head. Athena was Zeus's favorite child, he gave her his shield the Aegis.

Father Zeus, Mother Hera:
- Hebe (goddess of youth and cupbearer of the gods)
- Ares (god of war)
- Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty)
- Hephaestus (god of blacksmiths and craftsmen)

Father Zeus, Mother Leto:
- Apollo (god of light and the sun)
- Artemis (goddess of the hunt, wild animals, and wilderness)

Father Zeus, Mother Maia:
- Hermes (Messenger of the gods, god of commerce, thieves, and travelers)

Athena familyFather Zeus, Mother Demeter:
- Persephone (goddess of flowers and spring)

Father Zeus, Mother Semele:
- Dionysus (god of wine)

Father Zeus, Mother Mnemosyne:
- Thalia (muse)

Father Zeus, Mother Themis:
- The Fates

Athena has many other half-siblings.

Zeus's siblings are Hestia (goddess of hearth), Hades (god of underworld), Poseidon (god of sea, horses, and earthquakes), Demeter (goddess of agriculture) and Hera (goddess of love and marriage).

Cronus (god of time) and Rhea, the (mother of gods). They are siblings and belong to the twelve Titans.

Gaia (goddess of earth) and Uranus (god of the sky).
Their children are Cronus (time), Rhea (goddess of heaven), Hyperion (god of light), Theia (goddess of heavenly light), Coeus (wisdom and intellect), Phoebe (moon), and Iapetus (mortality).

Chaos, which created Gaia and Uranus.

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