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Sustainable living for a healthy planet.

Bon Appétit

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A Better and Healthier Life

Spending Time Together: Outdoors and in the Kitchen

Sustainable Living

Educating Ourselves

Team work


The baker, cheese maker and smoking expert.
No challenge is too big. Over the years, Heiko has added a root cellar, orchard and bee hives to our "farm".


The gardener and cook
From asparagus to zucchini, garlic to potatoes, berries to pears. Providing sustainable and nutritious food year around is a true challenge in the Pittsburgh climate.


The chicken lady
Sophia has been raising peeps since 2010. Currently, she is in charge of our 22 chickens and 3 roosters.


The butcher
Deer, rabbits, chicken - she does it all. Alexandra was also responsible for taking care of our meat rabbits.


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