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Who is Athena?

Athena is commonly known for being the Greek goddess of wisdom and war strategy. But she is also the goddess of the arts, industry, justice, and skill. Athena is shown as a young woman with a helmet and shield. Her symbols are the owl, showing wisdom and watchfulness and her small shield, aegis, portraying the head Medusa. More...

Athena is a rational, intelligent, and a powerful defender in war
. But she is also a peacemaker. She protected many heroes that needed her help. For example she aided Perseus killing Medusa and helped Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece, and Cadamus in building a city. Athena also guided Odysseus on his journey home and helped Hercules in some of his 12 labors. More...

Athena was born fully grown from the head of Zeus,
dressed in full armor. She hated war, and she only fought to defend the right side. Athena never lost a battle. She carried a magic shield that turned her enemies to stone, that had the head of Medusa on it. Athena never married. She was Zeus's favorite child. More...

Athena is a prominent figure in modern day society.
Many company names relate to Athena for example Athena Technologies and Athena Diagnostics. She also is remembered by the olive branch as her gift to Athens. The spider Arachnid reminds people of the myth Arachne. Many states in the USA have a city named Athens. For example Athens, Pennsylvania and Athens, Georgia. In addition to many inventions that she shared with mortals. More...

Athens, the capital of Greece,
was named after Athena. In Athens, the goddess created the olive tree. Athens is also where Athena's most sacred temple the Parthenon is located. Athens is where some of the greatest minds in history were born, but also the begining of mathmatics, science, and philosophy started here. More...

The Parthenon is Athena's most sacred temple.
The Parthenon is located in Athens and is one of these largest Greek temples. The sculptor Phidias built the temple with the same outline of others. The Parthenon holds a wonderful festival called the Panathenian Festival every four years. Athena has other temples and sanctuaries all over Greece. More...


Left: Map of Greece. Right: The Parthenon.